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Seniors Corner

Welcome to Two Hills, where seniors' well-being and comfort take center stage. Our community is dedicated to providing exceptional services for seniors, ensuring a fulfilling and vibrant experience as they navigate this wonderful phase of life. We offer a comprehensive range of options, including long-term care facilities designed to cater to various needs, independent living arrangements that promote autonomy, and a senior center bursting with recreational activities, including the beloved game of bingo. What's more, our local hospital proudly houses a state-of-the-art stroke unit and long-term care services, ensuring that seniors have access to top-notch medical care right within our close-knit community. Your loved ones' health, happiness, and security are our top priorities here in Two Hills.


Eventide Homes

Eventide is an Independent Living facility located in Two Hills. One and two-bedroom suites with a kitchen are tastefully decorated with vinyl flooring and window coverings, and full private bathroom. Building amenities include a social/recreation area, resident laundry room, and storage shed for residents.


Hillside Lodge

Hillside Lodge is a Supportive Living Facility located in Two Hills. Studio apartments of up to 414 square feet are tastefully decorated with vinyl flooring and window coverings, and feature a bed, side table, dresser, chair and full private bathroom. Housekeeping and linen service is provided weekly and personal laundry service is available for a fee.

Building amenities include a social/recreation area, exercise area, barber/beauty salon, library, hobby/craft room, common area, laundry room. A computer for use by residents is also available. Whenever available guests can rent a room for $60 per night while visiting residents.


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Two Hills Senior Citizens Club

The objective of the Senior Citizens Club of Two Hills is to supply a facility with an active club organization for senior citizens in Two Hills and surrounding area, enabling seniors to get together for enjoyment, fellowship and social activities of all kinds.

Giving Seniors an outlet to socialize, companionship and activities. Enjoy chatting and games such as bingo with like seniors at a fair price. 


Family & Community 
Support Services

The Two Hills FCSS (Family Community Support Services) provides preventative social programs that help people improve their quality of life and enhance their capacity to deal with crisis situations should they arise.

Focus is on:

  • Encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyles

  •  Strengthening and stabilizing family and community life

  • Improving people’s ability to identify and act on their own needs

  • Helping to avoid family or community social breakdown

  • Encouraging cooperation and coordination among community groups and service agencies


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