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Two Hills Heritage Park (2004)


Two Hills has evolved over a century into a major and modern regional center catering to the needs of a perennially prosperous agricultural area. The town has approximately 100 businesses that offer a full variety of services to its residents and trading area population. Most consumer needs are met by friendly and helpful local businesses. In addition, many of the parts, products and supplies needed by local industry are available from businesses in Town. We are fortunate to have a dedicated core of merchants who work hard to provide a wide range of consumer and industrial goods and services at competitive prices.


The economy, which consists of a healthy variety of industries, is based mainly on agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, transportation and utilities, wholesale and retail trade, and community and professional services.


Two Hills has potential, but that's not all. We may be a small town, but smart infrastructure investments have put us in an outstanding position to welcome growth. We have a healthy inventory of both residential and industrial services land, making this town ready for expansion.

Industrial Land

Strategically located at the junction of Highways 36 and 45 lies Two Hills' 160 acres of industrial sites. The land is serviced with roads and natural gas lines and is attractively priced to encourage and accommodate commercial entrepreneurs.

In addition to immediate access to two important highways, Two Hills has an airport designed to be expanded in order to meet any future transportation needs. We have an abundance of salt deposits, natural gas, water and other natural resources, a ready pool of labour, and also municipal services and amenities that satisfy the needs of our diversified economy. 

Major Industries

  • Environmental Metal Works  - A manufacturer of cam lock gates and refuse containers.

  • Double "A" Trailers - Builds high quality trailers

Financial Institutions

Currently, there are two financial institutions present in Two Hills:

  • Vision Credit Union

  • Alberta Treasury Branch

Business Services

Community Futures - Elk Island Region - Providing business counseling and consulting.

Industry Profile

Two Hills is a perfect blend of town and country. With a growing population of over 1,400, and strategically located on Highways 36 and 45, Two Hills is the perfect place to raise a  family and to enjoy an active lifestyle. There are employment opportunities in the agriculture and oil and gas industries. Due to our  location, business opportunities are endless.

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