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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Fire Ban Lifted as of July 22, 2021

Please Note as of Today (July 14, 2021) The Two Hills Fire Chief has declared a TOTAL fire ban. Dry weather can lead to fire hazards in Town parks, fields and other green spaces. When the fire hazard is extreme, the Town of Two Hills Fire Chief may issue a fire ban or fire restriction to protect life and property.

Fire bans and/or restrictions can prohibit any of these regulated activities:

• Open burning • Fireworks • Fire pits and cooking stoves in parks • Backyard fire pits

Two Hills Fire Services wants to work with Town residents to keep everyone safe. A complete fire ban prohibits the use of fireworks and any open burning. The ban also restricts the use of fire pits and cooking stoves in parks, as well as BBQs that use solid fuels (wood and briquettes). Gas and propane fueled BBQs are still permitted but must be located and supervised properly.


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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
27 juil. 2021

Can you please confirm if the fire ban is lifted? This post makes it seem that it is, but on the Alberta fire bans website it is still showing that the July 14 notice of the fire ban is still in effect?

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