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Introducing Togetherall: An online peer-to-peer mental health community available free to Albertans!

Feel like you need somewhere to talk? Togetherall is a free online community, available to all 16+ Albertans. The community is a safe place to support your mental health 24/7.

Join Togetherall today and share how you’re feeling, listen and be heard.

To date, 8,800+ Albertans have joined the Togetherall community, each adding their unique voice to the mix and drawing strength from others that have real lived experiences with common mental health concerns and life stresses. Now more than ever, people are looking for support with their mental health and exploring different ways to stay connected.

In partnership with AHS and the Alberta Government, Togetherall is proud to offer all Albertans aged 16+ a free, easily accessible and safe online community for them to get support, take control, and feel better.


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